Spanish and Executive Function tutoring with Gretchen

 Gretchen Klein

Private Spanish Tutor & Executive Functioning/Organizational Coach

CO & WI Certified Spanish teacher, Masters Degree in Education

20+ years experience teaching and tutoring Spanish levels 1-6AP & college level tutoring

Executive functioning/ organizational coaching 


I work hard to help your student succeed in school, including Spanish levels 1- 5AP! 

*Special attention paid to organizational skills to help you succeed at both on-line and in-person school.

If you are looking for support with organization, homework, understanding Spanish grammar concepts, techniques for vocabulary memorization, studying for tests/quizzes, preparing  for  speeches and essays, we will work together to help you succeed! 

I have taught thousands of students and adults in the past 20+ years, and my passion is one-on-one instruction to see students understand and feel good about their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in Spanish.

Let's succeed together!

For more info contact Gretchen at gmktutor1@gmail.com