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"Gretchen has a natural rapport with middle and high school Spanish students. She is a dedicated, highly organized, and very impressive tutor. I can't recommend her enough!"

"Working with you has helped him not only do well, but like Spanish! That's a great tribute to you!"

"Gretchen is a top notch tutor! She has tutored my daughter in Spanish for over four years. Over that time, Gretchen has become a mentor to my daughter and helped her ace her advanced Spanish classes. Thanks to Gretchen, my daughter loves learning Spanish and is well on her way to achieving her goal of becoming bi-lingual. Gretchen is always professional, communicative, and supportive. I give her my highest recommendation."

"I cannot thank you enough. You turned it all around for him this year. I am so truly grateful for your patience and persistence. Thank you for hanging in there with all of it!

"You are saving my very strained relationship with my teenager!"

"Gretchen is wonderful! She has connected with my son amazingly well and has helped him with study skills, organization, and over all managing his time. Gretchen is gifted at empowering the student to take pride in their work and get the work done well and efficiently. She has changed my sons outlook on school and has helped him feel more self confident about his abilities. Gretchen is also excellent at teaching Spanish in a way that my son can understand and it has helped him greatly!! She has had such a positive impact on my son and our family. We are forever appreciative and grateful of her involvement with our son!"

"Gretchen is an amazing tutor. Highly recommend her ✔️➕!"

"You are a savior and we appreciate everything"

"Tutoring with Gretchen gives me the extra help I need to go from a B to an A!"

"Gretchen helps me feel confident in Spanish class instead of anxious"